Monday, June 10, 2013

Follow Your Joy!

What I know for sure today.  That I am truly blessed.  That I am loved.  And that all my needs are abundantly provided for.  

I didn't always know this.  I grew up in a large family whose every basic need was provided for.  Yet, there was always a fear of lack and scarcity.  My parents grew up poor.  They knew what it felt like to go without.  And they did everything they knew of to not raise us that way.  They felt it important to instill in us values of gratitude and reverence for all things small and large.  Yet, that often came in the form of phrases like "money doesn't grow in trees", "don't get greedy"  and "you must struggle hard to get what you want."

As a consequence, we grew up to be adults who struggled and feared living in poverty.  We curtailed our dreams to ensure jobs or relationships that would lead to financial stability.  For some of us, this worked, for others it led to the suppression of fulfilling our hearts desires, living our lives of joy, freedom and peace.  

Today I am blessed to have both a relationship that supports me financially and working my joyful life purpose.  I had the privilege to learn that following your joy will lead you to financial success.  One does not negate the other.This I know to be true and encourage everyone to find their heart's desire, follow it, and allow it to bless you!

Love, Peace and Light,


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Welcome to AŚE Life Coaching Blog!

“What if we knew that what we had to offer the world was not only okay, but was necessary, needed and required? What if you knew that you mattered   and made a difference?" 

Author Unknown